Product Spotlight: Archival Prints

October 16, 2018

   What in the world is an archival print?!?


   I'm glad you asked! I'm here to help.


   Archival prints are printed with museum quality ink and paper. It's been rigorously tested to ensure the images will last at least 200 years. I took the time to find the lab that has the absolute best quality prints so you can be assured that your prints will be passed down through the generations.    


   Your print quality will also differ based upon where you have them printed. Not all labs are up to par when it comes to preserving your beautiful portraits. Walmart, for instance, is not a professional photographer's lab by any means. Their ink and paper are of the same quality as you might print at home on your own inkjet printer. As seen in the lab test by Corey Ann below, there are quite noticeable differences in tone and quality from lower end labs. If you truly want an image to last, go with a professional photographer who's chosen a professional lab. 




   Your images do come with a print release and you are more than welcome to print them anywhere you prefer but know that you have the option to print through my professional lab at lab cost. I do not put high mark ups on my prints because I want everyone to have access to archival prints with top notch quality that is guaranteed.


   I'd be more than happy to show you all the options and explain them so you can make an educated decision of where or how to print. Just give me a call!



Have a blessed day :)




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