Valentine's Day Is This Weekend!

Everyone struggles to get that "perfect" gift or the "perfect" flowers. What if we tried something different this year?

It's probably going to snow or ice anyhow. Maybe just turn off everything around the two of you? Yes, that means putting your phone on airplane mode, turning the TV off, turning the consoles off, taking the kids to Grandma's house, etc. Then spend some time listening to each other.

Trust me, the fastest way to feel genuinely appreciated is to be heard. To feel like someone wants to hear your thoughts and dreams. Tell each other your aspirations in life. They might be wild and bring laughter out of you both or they might be heart warming and bring you closer together. You never know if you don't listen.

A night with some candles and just talking, maybe some takeout or making dinner with each other in the kitchen could really make the night special. Focus on each other. Look for those smiles, the little laughs, the dreamy eyes. They are always there but if you want to see them, you have to first listen. Appreciate your significant other. Build each other up.

I could easily say "The best gift is portraits!" because I'd love to photograph you both but honestly, the best gift is investing in each other right now. Love each other with all you have to give. Futures are built on strong foundations.

May your Valentine's Day be filled with love and good laughs <3

Much Love,

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