What Makes Me Different From A Regular Studio?

This is one of the questions that I get asked the most so I'm making it a featured post! Most studios are centered around a sort of dynamic that's akin to fishing. You throw out the bait, which is usually a coupon for a free session fee or a free 8x10, and you wait for a bite. The downside to that free session fee or print is that they now have to push sales on you in order to make enough money to keep their business afloat. This can make you feel very pressured to buy things and suddenly that free session turns into $300 or $400 dollars because every pose costs extra, the prints cost extra because they are marked-up, even edits cost extra.

That may work for them but it drives me absolutely insane. I hate the nickel and dime game! I want everything to be upfront and transparent for you. I also want you to get everything instead of being forced to only choose 2 or 3 of the images. Even the outtakes are memories for you and your family and you shouldn't have to choose between a perfect picture or a funny picture, you should get both!

This is why I've made the switch to digitals. You get your images much faster than if I'd have to wait for prints. You also get ALL of the images from the session instead of just a handful. The images are accompanied with a print release that you can use anywhere, online or in-store. It allows you to print your images up to a 10x13. You do have the option of printing your images with me at lab price, because I don't markup my prints. I've set my Session prices to where they need to be to keep me afloat so I don't have to try and squeeze extra money out of you in order to survive. So an 8x10 at one of the regular studios will cost you anywhere from $25-50 but through me, it's $8.

Just because I deliver digitals, doesn't mean I'm ok with only giving digitals! I know the consequences of failed technology. I've lost decades of pictures to corrupt disks. Once those images are gone, they are gone. I know, we all have the best intentions to print our images but life happens and we put it off. That's why I focus on designing heirloom album for all of my couples and families. It's already done, you don't have to worry about it. It gives me peace of mind that your images are printed and safe in the album, just incase technology failures strike.

Another thing that sets me apart from the standard retail studio is that I'm considered a boutique studio. Retail studios are high volume studios where in order for them to make money, they have to have thousands of customers a year. As a boutique studio, my prices are a bit higher than a retail studio but you get my full attention. I won't be trying to rush your session to hurry to the next one because you are my main focus for that day. It's like gaining a friend in the photography industry. You can always reach out to me with any questions, even if it's as simple as needing help with what to wear or how to access the gallery.

So to answer the question, what makes me different? The main thing is that I'm fully focused on my clients. I want you to have it all. I also don't want you to feel the rushed pressure of a cramped studio. It's so much nicer to walk through a field out in the open or play at the park with your children instead of being awkwardly posed in a studio. I do only shoot with one family/client a day which means you get my full attention. If we manage to shoot 100 awesome images, all 100 will go into your gallery. No, I'm not going to charge extra for them, they are just a pleasant bonus. Put an end to the nickel and dime game! Let's start planning your shoot today.

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