Keepsake USBs

One of the ways to store your precious images is with a USB. It makes it super easy to take with you when you want to print the images in-store or show family and friends. However, Do not rely on this to be the only safe place to store your images. Technology can and will fail. That's why I store my personal images in the cloud, on a USB, and on my computer so if one or two fail I still have a backup.

As you know, I'm a very whimsical, romantic person so of course my USBs had to fit that style! They look like little bottles with messages in them, like the ones you might find at sea. The little rolled up piece of paper within the bottle is actually a great place to write a message to your future selves.

My wedding clients also receive a walnut keepsake box to store their USB in that matches the walnut box that their album is stored in. Just another way to try and safeguard your memories for future generations.

Have a blessed day,

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