Frequently Asked Questions

I figured this would be beneficial since some things have changed here recently. Hopefully this helps but you are more than welcome to call or message me if you have questions.

What is my Photography Style?

I personally define my style as whimsical or romantic. I love the stories between people and I try my best to capture them so that they can be shared. Like a young couple falling in love. Those little moments between them where he makes her smile that smile that only he can bring out of her. Also those little moments between a mother and a daughter. It could be laughter or just a smile between the two that tells far more stories than words ever could. Those are the things I'm searching for during sessions because I want you to have those moments frozen in time, to be cherished for years to come.

Why does it cost so much?

I've heard that it's expensive and I've heard it's far too cheap. It all depends upon how you view the importance of photography and the experience. It's a bit like a tattoo artist, for instance. You get what you pay for and it's true. If you chose to get a tattoo that only cost you $20, would it be top of the line? Certainly not. You'd save money as you chose the cheaper route but you'd regret your decision later down the road. Take the time to look at the experience of the artist before you make your decision based upon just a price.

There are a few ways to focus in business. Price, Quality, and Speed. Price focus stores, like the Dollar General, use a cheap price to bring in customers but they lack in quality. Mcdonald's would be an example of speed focus but they often lack in quality as well. My focus is on quality. I want you to have a top notch experience while shooting and have the best quality images after the shoot. I even extend the quality further by offering a place where you can get the best prints for less money. That's definitely not an industry standard but it makes me happy when I know your prints will outlast our lifetimes.

In the end, I charge what is needed for me to stay in business. There are tons of bills behind owning your own business such as furthering education, tuition loans, equipment upkeep, new equipment, equipment insurance, health insurance, vehicle insurance, vehicle maintenance, website fees, domain fees, gallery fees, editing tool fees, etc. That isn't counting putting food on the table or a roof over our heads. Just something to consider.

Where do you shoot?

I have shot all over the place; in backyards, fields, by creeks, old barns, dirt roads, in forests, parks, in homes, etc. We can shoot anywhere, within reason. Let your heart speak to you about where you'd like to shoot.

The only place that I refuse to shoot is on railroad tracks, even the ones that are not in use. It's simply not safe and I will not use images of tracks because it may cause other photographers to try it. Too many lives have already been lost.

When will I get my images?

I say 2 weeks because it depends upon the season and the gallery's function. Usually in November or December, it gets backed up and can take the full 2 weeks for images to be completed and uploaded. Every now and then, the gallery itself will go down for maintenance which is another reason it may take the full 2 weeks. However, if everything runs smoothly, it shouldn't take more than a few days for you to receive the gallery link by email.

Why is there an album Included?

We are all human. We have images on discs and USBs all over the house that we have the best intentions of printing. However, we procrastinate because life happens and then it's too late. I can't tell you how many images I've lost forever because of failed technology. I do not trust it anymore. I know, digitals are the thing everyone wants right now but I feel so much better knowing you have the images already printed in a high quality album. Plus, Albums are truly family heirlooms and my heart is happy knowing I made one specifically for you.

Can you Photoshop me?

I can, but why would I? You are beautiful the way you are! Honestly, I've seen Photoshop be taken too far. You want to use these images as a glimpse into the past someday. Little blemishes like breakouts or clothing tags sticking out are instantly fixed out of habit but things such as moles or birthmarks won't be edited out unless you specifically ask for them to be changed.

Some parents love the little scratches on their children's face because it's a story to be told of their childhood, while others want the image to be perfect. It's based upon preference and you get to decide the amount of Photoshop done.

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