Digital Image Gallery

Digital Image Galleries allow my brides to share their love story with friends and family all over the world easily. It's your digital wedding album!

I've been asked, why give a USB and an Online Gallery? The USB allows my brides to transfer images to hard drives or multiple computers in order to safely store them for future generations. The Online Gallery allows my brides to instantly share their wedding images with family and friends all over the world without having to wait on upload times. It's all about making it easier.

As a word of concern, it's best to have your images saved/stored in a few different places. I learned the hard way that relying on one disc or one computer to store your images was a terrible idea. Technology can and will fail. I've lost decades of pictures from corrupt discs. I don't want that to happen to you.

By storing your images on the USB, in the cloud, and on a couple different hard drives. You make sure that they remain safe. Prints and Albums will always be the best way to preserve images for years to come because technology changes so fast but that's why I make sure to provide both.

The Gallery is also meant to be temporary. So it's best to take full advantage of the gallery within the 60 days that it's available. Share with friends and family so they can download images and order prints of their own.

You can order directly from the Gallery at your leisure any time within that 60 days. It's far more comfortable to order prints from home in your pjs than in a stressful sales session. There are lots of products available as well; prints, extra albums, canvases, etc.

Remember when I said I didn't like the nickel and dime game? I stand by that! I set my prices so that I'm able to pay my employees, pay business expenses, and provide the highest quality products

to my brides. So when it comes time to order extras, I don't have to mark those prices up to survive. That means my brides get professional quality prints and products at lab cost. For instance, at most studios, an 8x10 print costs between $50-$100 each. My brides are able to buy an 8x10 print for $8.

If you have any questions at all or need help with the gallery, please reach out to me, I'm always here to help! Even if it's just to decide where to get a certain type of print like wood, acrylic, or metal, or even where to find the best quality canvas. I have taken the time to research and test these labs so I'm able to share my knowledge with you.

Have a blessed day :)


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