Tayah: 7 weeks old

Gracious sakes, this pup has grown like a weed in just a week's time. She is a bit on the dramatic side considering the second that you get out of her site she howls and whimpers like the whole world is coming to an end! She even naps laying across my feet to make sure I'm not going to escape while she has her eyes closed. hehe

The first vet check-up went well, she's a whole 15lbs already. Everyone at Banfield loved on her and they even gave her doggie spray cheese so of course she had a blast!

She also loves car rides thanks to my Mom spoiling her with a comforter to lounge on. She even has her own harness seat belt to keep her safe.

When we are at home and I'm busy editing images, she's happily curled up in the little shelf beneath my desk. It won't be long before she is too big to fit in there but for now, it's adorable to look down and see the cute lil fluff ball napping.

Have a blessed day~

Christa N. Reed

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