Don't like how you look in photos?

Trust me, I'm right there with you. For the longest time I have absolutely hated having my picture taken. While hiding from the camera, I've learned something pretty valuable. If you aren't in photos, you won't be in memories. What does that mean? Well, do you remember sitting with your Mom or Grandma, flipping through an old family album, hearing them talk about family memories? If there are no pictures of you in that album, how are your children or grandchildren supposed to compare their facial features to yours? How are they going to know those special little stories about your life? Being in the picture is HUGE. I've learned to stop caring that my hair isn't perfect, my hips are too wide, my butt is too big, etc. I want to be remembered.

Something else I've learned from it is bettering my own photographic and lighting techniques. I've studied with my degree as well as with leaders in the photography field to strengthen my ability to capture images that are more flattering, straight out of camera. Can I Photoshop out double chins and muffin tops? Absolutely. However, I prefer to get the lighting right so it's all done in camera. It is possible!

I make it my mission to help you find yourself again. Find that person you know is beautiful. Show you that you were wrong about yourself. You actually are photogentic!

Let's get started. Give me a call and find out how today!

Have a blessed day =)

Christa N. Reed

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