2017 Seniors

Start getting excited Class of 2017!!! It's Senior picture time as you round the corner for the last lap of High School. Cherish these moments and your friendships because this year will go by so fast.

The first step for Senior Portraits is to give me a call. I would be more than happy to walk you through the process and explain everything to both you and your parents. This can definitely be stressful but I'm here to help you so the process moves along smoothly.

Something you can start planning would be your outfit. Senior portraits are usually very diverse. They are meant to capture who you are right now in this moment of your life timeline.

Bring at least one option from each of the categories below:

  • Classy / Elegant

  • Casual

  • Professional (Think of this one as something you'd wear to a job interview)

Bring at least one outfit from the options below to portray your interests in High School:

  • Sports Uniform or Equipment

  • Band Uniform or Instrument

  • Choir Music or Microphone

  • JROTC Uniform

  • Club Memorabilia

  • FFA Jacket or Livestock

  • Drama Costumes or Scripts

  • Cheer/Dance Uniforms or Poms

  • Other Hobbies like Ice skating, Skate Boarding, Racing, etc.

  • Future College Sweatshirt

  • Future Professions

Outfit Tips:

  • Short skirts aren't as flattering as you'd like them to be in photographs. They also make it difficult with posing.

  • Loose clothing actually makes you look larger than you really are. That doesn't mean wear something skin tight, that looks worse. Try to choose something that fits your form but isn't too loose or too tight.

  • When choosing outfits. Please try to stay with solid colors. Wacky prints may look awesome right now but 35 years from now your children will get a good laugh at the outfit choices you made. Not to mention it takes the emphasis away from you.

  • Ladies, bring at least one pair of heels! If you don't own them, borrow a pair. Trust me. They do wonders for your posture in portraits.

  • Go easy on the make-up. We can always add more later but taking it off will make your skin blotchy and red.

  • Please don't forget your nails! They don't have to be painted. I'm actually a fan of simple. Bare nails or french manicures look the best in portraits. Don't forget the toes either as you may end up barefoot or wearing sandals.

  • If you plan to do any sort of makeovers prior to the shoot it would be best to do a trial run first, well before the session by at least a month. Just in case something isn't to your liking or you suddenly hate the look you thought you'd love. It happens.

  • Bring a couple extra options like different shirt options, pants/shorts/skirts, belts, shoes, jewelry, hair clips. That way we can tailor your clothing choices to the location where we will be shooting.

Now that you've got the outfit lined out. Think of locations. I'm an on-location photographer so that means as long as it's within this county or the neighboring counties, we can go there! So if you live on a farm we could absolutely shoot your portraits out on the farm. If you are a future pilot and have someone willing to let you use their plane in your portraits that's absolutely a possibility too. It all depends on you and what story you want to tell through your portraits. I've shot portraits in High School Gyms for basketball players, on the High School field for football players, and even at the local skating rink. It just depends on what you like or what hobbies you have.

What's the best season for portraits? Well that depends on your personality. Do you like spring with the lush green grass, fields of flowers? Do you like winter with the monotone colors and snow falling? Do you like summer with bright sunlight, shimmering lakes, and fields of sunflowers? Maybe you like Autumn with the vibrant colored leaves? Honestly, I love them all. I'm not the least bit afraid to shoot a portrait session in the snow or even the rain. I've actually gone 4-wheeling with a senior boy's family because that was his hobby and yep, I was covered head to toe in mud but it was a blast! It's really about your likes and dislikes. If you don't like the cold. Choose spring or summer. If you don't mind the cold. Choose Autumn or Winter.

Picking outfits and the location are honestly the hardest parts of this entire process. Once those are chosen, you can take a deep breath and relax because that means it's time for the fun part, the photo session! Please, don't be nervous about having your picture taken. It's my mission to make sure you have fun and enjoy your time in the spotlight.

Don't forget, if you have ANY questions, please don't hesitate to give me a call or text me. I also have Snapchat and Instagram if you happen to be out shopping and you want to see if a certain outfit will be good for portraits or not. I'm always here to help.

Have a blessed day =)

Christa N. Reed

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