Why Prints?

I seem to hear this question a lot. "Why prints? Do I have to get prints? Can't you just put everything on a CD or USB?" Every time I hear this, I smile, because it's my chance to explain why I say yes to prints every single time. Contrary to popular believe, it is NOT cheaper to get all of your images on a CD or a USB. I can almost bet 90% of the CDs or USBs are taken into Walmart, CVS, or even Walgreen's to be printed, if they even get printed. Most of them land on a shelf and never reach the light of day because we forget to print them. That's a whole new issue. Take a look at the outcomes.

1. Never Printed

These images aren't safe on discs!! I cannot say that enough. Your images are precious memories that you spent good money for and you deserve the chance to enjoy them with your grandchildren much later down the road. The bad thing about CDs is that they have a shelf life. If your CD is of cheaper quality it won't even last 5 years on a shelf. If it's in a basement where there is humidity, or it's near sunlight, that 5 years dwindles even more. Not to mention technological advances. Can you imagine if your Mom had your family portraits stored on a floppy disc? Yeah, it's NOT a good idea to leave those images on discs. USBs aren't any better at this point as they aren't meant to hold precious memories long term either.

2. Printed locally at Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, etc.

At least you made the step towards getting the images printed! However, these are not professional labs and they do not use archival papers and inks. Have you ever noticed the poor quality? That's because you can print nearly the same quality at home on your own ink jet printer. Did you know that if you printed the exact same image at Walmart and at CVS it would come out a completely different color? They aren't calibrated to industry standards. These labs are awesome for the everyday shots that you want to print quickly but they are not for the precious memories that you plan to share with future generations. Professional photographers, like myself, spend months finding the absolute best labs that can be held to a much higher standard. Labs that use archival ink and paper so your images will reach beyond 100 years. Not to mention they stand behind their work so if something isn't perfect, it's fixed.

So for me, there is absolutely no question. I will always say YES to prints because I know just how devastating it can be to lose precious family memories. I want those images in your hands so you can proudly display them in your home, not trapped in a disc. This is why my sessions come with complimentary albums. With as fast as life goes today, who has time to put images in an album? That's what I'm here for, I'll make sure it gets done and all you have to do is curl up in a comfy chair with your family and share the memories.

I hope this has cleared up some misconceptions about digital images and I do hope you are headed to wherever you store your images on discs to get them printed! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call me, I'm always willing to help.

Have a blessed day :)

Christa N. Reed

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