My Favorite Creative Photography

I'm not always running around a wedding or dancing through fields with couples for romantic portraits. Sometimes I let my inner child shine through with creative works of art.

It's called compositing. It's where I shoot an image of a subject on a blank background. Then I build a scene around them using other pictures from landscapes, pictures of animals or objects, and a little bit of whimsy. It's a very long process overall and it can be very frustrating but it's well worth it to see the wonder in a child's eyes when they see themselves in a whole different world.

This started while I was in college and I had a weird assignment around compositing. I struggled at first when it came to getting started but when I finally came up with a plan, it was like a snowball rolling down a hill. It was the most fun I've ever had! I instantly fell in love with the fact that I could make anything happen in that image and it opened a whole new world of photography for me.

Like the above image for instance, I live in Kentucky, obviously there are no beaches around here but that doesn't mean I can't create something with a beach! This little girl was standing in a puddle from a rainstorm, then I took that image as well as 4 others and sewed them all together to get this final image. Who knew your imagination could run free like this? It's quite addictive.

Looking for something extra creative for your home? Ask me how!

Have a blessed day :)

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